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International Overdose Awareness Day – A Day of Reflection and Action 

August 31st marks International Overdose Awareness Day (IAOD), a day that signifies lives profoundly affected by the global overdose epidemic. 

The data for July 2023 stands as a stark reminder: 278 suspected drug-related deaths in Ontario. Each one representing families, friends, and communities grappling with loss. 

Harm reduction, an approach endorsed by global health authorities such as Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, UNAIDS and WHO, is an evidence-based strategy for addressing this crisis.  

This methodology prioritizes providing tools and knowledge to people who use substances, enabling them to make informed and safer decisions.  

It’s essential to understand that harm reduction does not advocate for drug use but instead focuses on safety and minimizing risk. 

Interested in a deeper understanding, or want to spread the word? You can: 

This International Overdose Awareness Day, commit to reduce harm and help CMHA Niagara pave the way to understanding, compassion, and change. 

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