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(April 14, 2021)- This CMHA Mental Health Week (celebrated the first full week of May), we’re diving into how we feel. It’s hard to deal with our emotions when we don’t know what we’re feeling. You may have been taught to push your bad feelings away, but research shows that understanding and naming our feelings can make sadness, anger and pain feel less intense.

And there’s no question – these pandemic times of pain and anxiety are intense! Recent CMHA research with UBC found that 40 per cent of Canadians experienced a decline in their mental health since the pandemic started. Many of us are exercising outdoors to deal with the stress, but one in five are using substances like drugs and alcohol to cope.

Unfortunately, ignoring our unpleasant feelings, and going numb, just makes them dig their heels in. They can take us on a scary rollercoaster and make it hard to get a hold on them. Emotion science tells us that naming how we feel helps put the brakes on.

So, this year, CMHA will focus on how naming, expressing and dealing with our emotions—even when they’re uncomfortable—can make us feel better.

When we understand and work with our emotions, this helps protect our mental health, during tough times like the pandemic and throughout all stages of life. And, when we understand how we are feeling, we’re better able to understand and empathize with others, too. And that helps create a climate of support and acceptance.

Heavy, painful feelings lighten when we put them into words. This Mental Health Week, don’t go uncomfortably numb. #GetReal about how you feel. Name it, don’t numb it.

Mental Health Week is May 3-9.
You can find info and tools at mentalhealthweek.ca

Be sure to watch for updates and social media posts promoting CMHA Niagara’s special line up of free virtual classrooms, coming soon!

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