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CMHA Niagara locations closed April 8

The Solar Eclipse (when the moon passes over the sun) on Monday, April 8, 2024, is expected to be a significant event in Niagara due to our region being in the path of totality and advertised as one of the best destinations for observation. Although a relatively short period of time (2:00 – 4:32 PM), activity before, during and after will have impact in the region.

Due to the anticipated influx of people on this day, services including ours are advised and encouraged to adjust operations in anticipation of traffic congestion, strain on emergency services, electricity and technology resources, and access to basic provisions such as fuel and groceries. Non-essential travel should be minimized to reduce strain on systems and potential of injury.

CMHA Niagara has assessed operations and has made preparations for this event to ensure client and staff safety, which will require an adjustment to operations and have an impact on client services in the days surrounding, and during, the eclipse.

Risk mitigation decisions are in consideration of scenarios which may impact safety or access to technology, food, fuel and emergency services, likelihood of traffic congestions/limited mobility across the region, as well as provision of safety equipment for staff and clients required to be at CMHA during the eclipse.

As such, please be advised that all CMHA Niagara service locations will be closed on Monday April 8 with no in-person service.  Phone or virtual appointments may be offered, based on staff availability and access to phone/technology.

Safe Beds and COAST will remain available. If you are in need of support call COAST or ACCESS LINE at 1-866-550-5205.


• Do not look at the sun without proper eye protection between 2:00 PM and 4:32 PM on April 8th, as there is risk of permanent eye damage.

• Prepare for reduced access to basic provisions by ensuring you have food, fuel, medications and other essentials in advance of the eclipse.

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