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Are you ready for the Push-up Challenge?

Hello! If you’re looking for a new year’s challenge that you can (and should) rise to, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t scroll any further because Canada’s very first The Push-Up Challenge will help you to get fit, have fun, and push for better mental health.

Here’s how it works:

💪 Challenge yourself to complete 2000 push-ups in 23 days, from February 1-23, 2024.

🧠 Each day, you’ll receive a different push-up target that corresponds to an important Mental Health fact.

🤸 It’s free to sign up, and our free app will keep you motivated along the way.

🏋️ You can substitute push-ups with alternative exercises, or aim for a smaller portion of the target.

🧡 Spread the word and fundraise for your local CMHA Branch, to help make a difference to mental health outcomes in Canada.

So what are you waiting for?, Why not register on the website right now! https://www.thepushupchallenge.ca/

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