If you’re thinking about suicide, 9-8-8 is here to help. Call or text Suicide Crisis Helpline at 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime.

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Wellness Together Canada: Help is just a click away!

Wellness Together Canada You're Not Alone

CMHA Niagara is proud to share information about Wellness Together Canada – Canada’s first and only online platform offering free immediate mental health and substance use support for people of all ages. Help is just one click away. WellnessTogether.ca.

Now more than ever, the mental health of people across Canada is being challenged. The COVID-19 pandemic is often thought of as a public health crisis, but as we know, it is also proving to be a mental health crisis. Every person in Canada deserves access to free and immediate mental health support that is available when they need it – 24/7 – during these trying times. Wellness Together Canada is here to help.

Wellness Together Canada offers  free mental health and substance use support for people of all ages, in every province and territory, and in both official languages. People in Canada can be instantly connected to virtual mental health services, from a five-minute self-assessment, to extensive support and resources, to live phone, video or text counselling with a mental health professional or crisis responder. All services and resources are available at no cost to users, ever. This includes:

• Immediate crisis support

• Mental health self-assessment and monitoring

• Access to self-directed virtual programs

• Moderated community of support

• Virtual group coached anxiety program

• E-courses, including drop-in mindfulness class

• Live one-on-one counselling support by video, phone, or text  https://wellnesstogether.ca/en-CA

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