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Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 3 – 9, 2021

There is no health without mental health

The first week of October brings with it the reminder that millions of Canadians live with mental illnesses every day.

Oct 3-9 is Mental Illness Awareness Week, a week of public education and awareness that encourages Canadians to learn about mental illness and share their experiences with it. This year’s theme for Mental Illness Awareness Week is there is no health without mental health.

CMHA recognizes that there are many different types of mental illness that affect people in different ways. Within each mental illness, people may have very different symptoms and challenges. In addition, symptoms of mental illness are just one piece. Access to services, support from loved ones, and the ability to participate in communities play a big part in the way people experience mental illnesses.

The pandemic has brought on new challenges and highlighted existing struggles that Canadians face. All people in Canada deserve timely and effective mental health supports. And as COVID-19 continues to put a strain on our communities, we need to prioritize mental healthcare now more than ever.

CMHA is a proud member of Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH), which hosts Mental Illness Awareness Week. Visit the CAMIMH website for more information on the campaign.

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