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Donors Recognized at CMHA Wall Unveiling

An intimate gathering of CMHA Niagara supporters were honoured the evening of June 20 at our agency’s official unveiling of the donor recognition wall.

Hosted in the St. Catharines office, the reception recognized donors who have generously gifted our agency $5,000 – $50,000 or more.

The event included a virtual agency tour, meet and greet with board members, charcuterie and an address from CMHA President Andrew Bassingthwaighte who thanked donors & board member Christopher Yendt, for 9 years of service to CMHA Niagara.

“As we unveil our donor wall, we do more than just recognize names and logos. We honor the spirit of giving that has propelled our organization forward,” he said.

“As a not-for-profit agency dedicated to meeting the escalating demand for our services (with insufficient funding dollars) the donations we receive play a pivotal role in our ability to support both our organization and the individuals who contact us for support.”

He continued: “This donor wall is a testament to your kindness and vision. It is a reflection of your belief in our work and your dedication to helping others. Your support enables us to continue the work we are doing to help strengthen mental wellness across Niagara.

THANK YOU for your support, and we look forward to continued partnerships toward making a difference in the lives of the 1 in 5 individuals who will experience a mental health concern in their lifetime.”

Pictured are staff, board members and donors who attended the June 20 donor recognition event. Front row: Tara McKendrick (CMHA Executive Director), Sophia Belcastro (CMHA Health Promoter Assistant), Caren Burt representing Women & Wellness, Penny Dickensen of May Court Club, Monica Brecht-Yendt (donor), Denise Zezella of Haver & Boecker, Fred Cypryk (CMHA Board).

Back row: Kate Flynn of Kraun Electric, Peter Fraser (CMHA Vice President), Erik Bishop of Enbridge, Christopher Yendt (CMHA Board), Shelby Marshall of Tread Forward Fundraising, Chris Ventura (CMHA Chair), Kerry Ould of PenFinancial, Timothy Nelles (CMHA Treasurer), Andrew Bassingthwaighte (CMHA Board), and Clayton Roenspiess (CMHA Board).

group of donors image
image of CMHA Niagara donor wall
image of person making speech
image of retiring board member Christopher Yendt

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