If you’re thinking about suicide, 9-8-8 is here to help. Call or text Suicide Crisis Helpline at 9-8-8 toll-free, anytime.

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CMHA Partnering in our Community

Canadians are living with mental health concerns that are preventable, manageable and treatable. By working collaboratively with partners in the Niagara region, CMHA Niagara provides programs and services across the region that respond to the needs of our community. Working in partnership increases our ability to provide the right supports at the right time and in the right place.

Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team (MCRRT)

The Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team is a partnership between CMHA Niagara and the Niagara Regional Police Service (NRPS) responding to 9-1-1 calls. It has proven to be an effective approach to de-escalating crisis situations, immediately assessing individuals’ mental health care needs, and connecting people with appropriate support services in the community.

A mental health worker and a police officer work as a team to:

Satellite Mental health coaches

Working in partnership with organizations like the YWCA and Start Me Up Niagara, CMHA Niagara mental health coaches work directly at these agencies and shelters to support individuals who are experiencing mental health and addiction issues that interfere with their ability to find and maintain housing, employment and to develop connections in their community.

Talk Today

Talk Today is one of the most comprehensive mental health programs for amateur sports in Canada. Its aim is to promote the mental health of young athletes and to spread awareness about the benefits of positive mental health throughout communities across the country.

Originally launched by CMHA Ontario Division in partnership with the OHL in 2014, Talk Today provides an important opportunity to address the mental health needs of athletes across the province and across Canada. This program has become a valuable platform for CMHA branches, teams and individuals players to encourage open discussion about mental health within the hockey community and the broader public.

CMHA Niagara is proud to partner with and support two OHL teams, the Niagara Ice Dogs and the Erie Otters.

Student Drop-in Counselling at Brock University

Through a partnership with CMHA Niagara, one-on-one, on campus, drop-in counselling is available to Brock University students to reduce the time in which students wait to access counselling services and make it easier for students to access help during peak times of the academic year. Brock students can access this service during the weeks leading in to exam periods during both semesters. Brock students can learn more about hours, dates and locations on the university website.

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